Whether you're a veteran author,  or just starting out as a writer; whether you're  an academic or an an artist - or a little bit of both - I pay attention to what you're after,  what is happening in your work, and what you say.    I can help you think,  and I can help your book get better. 

 What's the issue?

  • Your novel is almost finished, but the plot has unraveled

  • Your monograph is lurching between memoir and textbook 

  • You're writing in a new genre for the first time

  • You're writing about a new genre for the first time

  • You're not sure how to select or arrange your poems/stories/chapters

  • Something's the matter - and you don't know what


 How I can help

I read every word you write, looking  for consistency and clarity, listening for voice, and rhythm.    If something is not working, I know how to fix it.   


I also listen to YOU  - for what kind of writer you are and want to be,  for what's driving your project.     My goal is to help you write the book that only you can write.

© 2018 by  Elizabeth Hollander

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