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Line/Style  Editing

Cover letters,  personal statements,  applications, proposals, or short nonfiction up to ~5000 words.  I will annotate with corrections, line-edits, and suggestions.    Email me at least one week in advance.

Developmental Editing

Free initial  consultation with sample

Email me  a description of your project  and/or a short work or sample up to 25 pages/7500 words and schedule an appointment.   We'll meet in person or via teleconference for about half an hour to go over your sample,  discuss your larger project.  If it looks promising for us to work together we'll establish terms and set a timeline. 

Full MS consultation and notes

After I've read  and annotated your manuscript we will have an extended session (1-2 hours), or two shorter ones as needed.  We'll  discuss your work at length and in  detail,  identifying issues and developing strategies for resolving them.  These sessions may include anything from line-editing to re-vamping a whole project idea or chapter, depending on where you are.  When we are done  I will give you a written digest of our session, highlighting key points and goals.  You have the option have the sessions recorded in addition.  

Follow-up consultations

​Working at your pace, we'll discuss the revisions you've made, amend plans, reconsider goals and establish next steps,   We might exchange emails or comments in the cloud or set live meetings, as needed. 

Ongoing support

Regular check-in on the progress of the MS by phone or mail,  monthly, weekly, daily, depending on your pace and needs.  

Services not provided

Large-scale Copy-editing/MS preparation
Marketing and sales

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