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Elizabeth Hollander

I've  spent my life around creative people.     I grew up in New York City,   in a family of  distinguished writers, scholars,  artists and musicians.  After college I spent ten years as an artists' model, working intensively with seasoned professionals, students, and artists of all kinds and levels.   


I'm also a first rate editor.  I have a PhD in English Literature, and have been teaching writing and humanities for over twenty-five years - at Baruch, Lehman  and SUNY Maritime Colleges, and at Stanford and Yeshiva Universities.    I've published a number of essays about modeling,  and articles about art and literature, 19th century English and American fiction.  I live in Queens. 

I've worked with fiction writers, playwrights, and poets on 

  • getting characters to advance the plot

  • setting timelines 

  • making tone and dialogue  consistent 

  • arranging short pieces and poems in sequence.

I've also worked with  scholars, journalists and essayists on

  • organizing information and arguments

  • research directions and strategies

  • deciding which themes are worth developing and which are distractions  

  • adjusting to the technical demands of a new genre or kind of subject matter

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